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    Customer Reviews

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    InfinaCore P3 Feb. 2023

    Love it!! It replaced ( an item by McDodo Tech, with the same 8k mAh feature, with the ultimate addtion(s) we certainly needed USB C, QI CHARGING, DUAL CHARGE, IMO fast charge via cable ) we LOVE IT!!

    Josephine D

    I've been using this power bank for a while now, and it's great. It takes a lot to drain it, and the USB-C port supports fast charging. It would make a great gift, or a purchase for yourself. The current price is also unbeatable.

    Frank Hughes

    This charger is extremely well-made and thought out. It produces a real confidence as you go about using it. I highly recommend it.

    B Henderson

    Charges my devices fast and recharges quickly as well. I can pop it into my purse and not have to worry about my phone dying or using a public charging station.

    Gregory Watson

    If you need a power bank that can charge your phone lightning quick, then this InfinaCore power bank is for you!

    Donald K

    I had to get another because my wife took mine, great product.

    Robert Gray

    I bought this charger for my wife for Christmas and she ended up using it more than I ever could have imagined. She's not a tech-savvy person, but she went to New York the Tuesday after Christmas and used this charger to charge her iPad, my daughter-in-law's iPhone, my stepson's iPhone, and they used it all day. She told me it was the best tech gift she got.

    Arthur M

    I use this daily for my phone and tablet. It's portable and convenient, and it's lasted for 11 months of daily use without any issues.

    Mary Jones

    I'm really impressed with the inifinaCore Powerbank, it charged up my phone quickly and was able to power it multiple times before needing to be recharged itself. Great value for money. This will definitely be a travelling essential for me from now on.

    Jason R

    This is an excellent power bank. It's not too heavy for the huge capacity, and the wireless charging works great and it's very fast. I can charge my iPhone many times with it, and it only takes about an hour to fully charge the power bank.

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