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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 182 reviews
    Ronald Lopez

    I bought Apple's MagSafe wallet first, but I quickly became frustrated with it. It was flimsy and didn't attach well to my phone. The only reason I liked it was that it could use the FindMy feature. Eventually, I got sick of it coming off and decided to go with WalleyGrip. It's 100% better than Apple's version. The magnet works perfectly and the case is secure.

    Alan Bell

    WalleyGrip is a great product for carrying business cards. I ordered it to use on my phone, but I found that it's actually better served as a case for my business cards. This way, I can just carry around my business cards when I plan on bumping into people at an event. Very convenient for me.

    A Bailey

    I stuck this to my apple iPhone case. I needed a way to hold at least 2 of my cards and ID, so far it's doing a great job, and it doesn't add a lot of weight to my phone. I'm really happy with this addition to my iPhone case!

    Harry P

    I have had WalleyGrip for 6 months and I love it! I never have to worry about carrying a purse or wallet again. I just grab my phone and keys and go.

    Christina Simmons

    My bf loves this, I got one in pink and I also like it. nice for when you go out to bars. it will hold your ID and debit card and some cash if you fold it correctly.

    Carlos Richardson

    I love the design of the WalleyGrip and how it hold cards and a hand grip. So cool!

    Victoria Torres

    WalleyGrip is extremely convenient, very slim and sleek. I love how it holds my cards securely.

    G Sanders

    I really love this piece and have had so many compliments on it! People always ask me where I got WalleyGrip and I'm always happy to tell them.

    S Brooks

    I'm so pleased with WalleyGrip! I love the magneticky feature which is awesome. The stand is sturdier than the pictures imply, which is great. I'm really glad I got it. I'm buzzing!

    Rebecca H

    I'm really happy with my WalleyGrip. It's easy to take off, but it stays put really well.