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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 216 reviews
    Gregory B

    I have bought other battery packs before but what caught my interest most about this infinaCore power bank was the class C port. It charges my devices much faster than the other brands I've tried, like lightning! I rarely use the other ports though, so this power bank is definitely worth the purchase!

    Toby Burke

    Being able to charge your device without a cable is extremely convenient, but if you're looking for speed, USB C fast charging is the way to go - it's perfect. And the huge battery can charge your phone multiple times over.

    J Porter

    The inifinaCore Powerbank is an excellent! I was very pleased with how quickly it charged my phone, and it was able to power my phone multiple times before needing to be charged again. This made it very worth the price, and it will now be a necessity whenever I travel!

    Curtis Stokes

    This has become my favorite powerbank for a few reasons. First, charging my phone wirelessly is so great. Second, this one does it in style. Third, I love that you can use your phone with it without taking it off the charger. This is a must have for anyone!

    B Butler

    There are several external chargers on the market, but most of them require a cord interface. I'm a construction worker, so my phone gets dirty and I needed a wireless charger that would work better than I expected. It fully charges my phone while only losing about 10 or 15% charge. I went camping for 4 days and this Infinacore power bank had plenty of charge for me.

    Lorenzo Simmons

    I've seen a lot of portable chargers, but InfinaCore is the best by far and it's affordably priced, too. I've tried charging a brand new tablet with 10,000 battery capacity and an old iPhone SE with a beat up battery, and the charge rate is unbelievable. It charges so fast that I prefer to charge my devices using this instead of charging my devices directly.

    E Walsh

    InfinaCore power bank is great! I've been using it multiple times a week for the past two months and it's never failed me. It takes a lot to drain it, and the USB-C output port charges super quickly!

    Roland N

    This is perfect for anyone who needs to keep multiple devices charged at the same time. With a PD charging port, it's easy to recharge the power bank quickly, and the wireless pad means you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Plus, it's extremely efficient thanks to its intelligent internal circuitry, which regulates output according to each device's needs, so you'll save energy while you're charging.

    Philip L

    This InfinaCore P3 is an excellent power bank. It's not too heavy for its huge capacity, and the wireless charging works great and is very fast. I've been able to charge my iPhone many times with it, and it only takes about an hour to fully charge.

    Rachelle Anne Tabuena Roco

    I never thought I'd be so impressed by a power bank, this InfinaCore is incredible! Not only is it small enough to fit into my pocket, but it can charge up to three devices at once - which comes in handy on long car rides or family vacations. I was really amazed at how long the charge lasts, too. I was able to fully charge my Kindle and iPhone before I needed to plug the power bank in again. It's definitely an amazing product!

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