About InfinaCore™

It's 2019 and... The devices that we continue to recharge overnight have fully been integrated our lives. Could we possibly turn them into even more than what they already were? Wireless charging was in its infancy and portable chargers were indistinguishably rectangular from one another. Phone accessories largely had one purpose: decoration. Could we do this--and more--by adding utility, function and convenience while still keeping it simple? Who has tried in the past? Who will write the future? We were ready to find out.



Simplify and Upgrade Your Life in One Go.

InfinaCore aims to create products that are tailored to the most ideal specifications. To give you the most care-free experience when interacting with your most beloved devices. Striving to excel beyond just the bare necessities, we are doing our part in making the wonderful world we live in as simple as plug-and-play.


All of our products are inspected for quality before being shipped out to customers. We never want to send our customer a "lemon" product or anything else that can't be used to max capacity right away.


Our products have the fastest, safest, and most efficient components. Just 20% faster charging can save you time and money. We make sure all our products are up to date on the most cutting edge technology offered.



The best people for the best products.

InfinaCore™ HQ is based in Queens, New York, which means we have the American culture on lock! In just a short period of time, our team has already grown to incorporate employees from 4 different countries and hire contractors from over 15 different cities. We pride ourselves in having a smaller, carefully curated product catalog that we emphasizes a bold sense of uniqueness.