Mobile Support

What devices can this charge?

The P4:MOBILE is equipped with up to 45W of output when using the USB-C port and a 15W wireless charging pad. You may also attach to the P4:PLUG or HUB to charge wirelessly via InstaCharge.

How do I use the wireless charging?

Simply set your wireless charging compatible phone on the silicone non-slip rubber pad. If you have a MagSafe enabled phone, you will feel the magnets take hold and secure your device. If you have a WalleyGrip attachment, you may remove the silicone non-slip rubber pad and attach the WalleyGrip attachment as an alternative.

What do the battery indicators mean?

The battery indicator contains four green dots and each represent 25% of battery life.

How many times can I charge my phone

The P4:MOBILE is rated 6,000mAh, which will give an iPhone 14 Pro Max about 1.2 charges and a Macbook Pro a 20% charge. When attached to the P4:PLUG, this device supports pass-through charging all the way until the battery runs out of power. That means more power for longer!

How do I use the kickstand?

Attach it to the back of your P4:HUB, flip it open and enjoy!

Why can't I see the battery light indicators sometimes?

The P4:MOBILE utilizes soft lighting, which are designed to not bother you when asleep or in a dark room. If you need to check your battery during the daytime in the sun, cuff your hand around the lights and they will be visible to the naked eye.

How does a InstaCharge work?

For the P4, InstaCharge (IC) is activated when magnetically connecting the smaller power bank (called the MOBILE) to the larger power bank (called the HUB). We plan on releasing products that will be able to communicate with previous versions allowing you to utilize the benefit of IC through the test of time.

How do I get support for my product?

Look to the back your device. If the kickstand is attached, remove it and you will see a QR code you can scan to reach an InfinaCore representative via Live Chat.

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