Plug Support

What devices can this charge?

The P4:PLUG is equipped with up to 45W of output when using the USB-C port alone. When shared between the USB-C and USB-A ports, 30W output. Also, you may attach a P4:HUB or MOBILE to the bottom of the unit and charge wirelessly via InstaCharge.

How does InstaCharge work?

For the P4, InstaCharge (IC) is activated when magnetically connecting the smaller power bank (called the MOBILE) to the larger power bank (called the HUB). We plan on releasing products that will be able to communicate with previous versions allowing you to utilize the benefit of IC through the test of time.

How do I get support for my product?

Look to the back of any of the P4 parts. If there's a kickstand, remove it and you will see a QR code you can scan to reach an InfinaCore representative via Live Chat.

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