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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Walleygrip meet, meet iPhone. iPhone, Walleygrip.

    It's now forever on my phone and everywhere I go

    Jessie Turner
    Pop Socket, but superior

    My favorite feature is the ability to take off the WalleyGrip and my phone now is the normal size. Great product!

    James Cerner
    Replaced my wallet

    Ditched my old bulky wallet with a a million cards in it and just go with my WalleyGrip, it's amazing!

    Olaf Escobar
    WalleyGrip is futureproof

    My tween had to have this and I have to admit it�s awesome. I want one now!! Easier to hold than popsocket. Keeps your cards, actually works to set it up and watch phone as tv.

    Hayleigh Gonzalez
    Attach to phone or detached as a wallet. BRILLIANT WALLEY

    Would recommend this product to anyone looking for security and conveniency of not having to carry a bulky wallet around with you or purse at all times.

    Rory Herring
    I'm in love

    Love this so much! It securely holds my license, insurance card and credit card. Love the handle that also works as a stand. Forever a fan!

    Jaydan Shepard
    5 stars!

    I have been through a number of cheaper, plastic wallet stands and they always stop being functional due to over use. This looks classier and you dont have to worry about the stand kicking out randomly because you have to move the piece into place not just a plastic piece that is activated by touch. I will be a repeat customer to buy a different color at some point.

    Kendrick Reyes
    My review

    Wanted a pop socket replacement and a wallet; this met my needs. Purchased in red and I like the glossy feel. Fits three cards, four is too tight. It may just be related to positioning but stand holds up phone better than pop socket.

    Hari Sanders
    reasonable price and amazing value

    I never have to carry my wallet anymore. Just a credit card and my ID in the walleygrip, attached to my phone case. The cards fit pretty tight at first but it eventually breaks in nicely to where they stay snug enough to not fall out but are easy to remove and slide back in.

    Hilda Lowery
    paying is so easy now

    I dropped my overstuffed wallet. I can fit 3 cards into this. Now all I carry is my phone. I kept misplacing my wallet in the house or car. Now all I have to think about is my phone.