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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 533 reviews

    I strongly prefer chargers because of how compact they are. This charger is a great example of why I prefer them. It's heavy, but small for a 100W charger - perfect for charging an ultrabook and a tablet on the road.
    I've been also using it to charge an iPad Pro and an iPad mini, and it's handled both with no difficulty at all.
    The build quality is excellent, and I expect this to last for a long time.

    I had to get another because my wife took mine, great product.

    Carlos Richardson

    I love the design of the WalleyGrip and how it hold cards and a hand grip. So cool!

    You really can't go wrong with this 100W Fast Charger. The box that this charger comes in is very similar to the box that the iPhone comes in, not cheaply made or flimsy. When I picked up the charger, I noticed that it had some weight to it. This is definitely a charger that is made with quality materials. The electrical prongs unfold and then you can plug it into a wall socket. I plugged a laptop and a phone into the charger using two 100W cords. They worked perfectly. My phone was charging very quickly - it recognized the charger as being a Fast Charging charger. If you're looking for a 100W C-Type fast charger, take a look at this one.

    Victoria Torres

    WalleyGrip is extremely convenient, very slim and sleek. I love how it holds my cards securely.

    I purchased this charger to help reduce the amount of weight I have to carry when I travel. So far, it's been working great. I can use it to fast charge both my LG Gram 17 laptop and my iPhone with a single USB-C cable and a lightning cable. I don't need to carry a separate laptop adapter and iPhone adapter anymore, which is really handy. The adapter is slim and has a upright design, so it doesn't take up too much space in outlet sockets. If your laptop has USB-C PD (Power Delivery) function, this charger can be a great replacement for your original AC adapter.

    I bought this charger for my wife for Christmas and she ended up using it more than I ever could have imagined. She's not a tech-savvy person, but she went to New York the Tuesday after Christmas and used this charger to charge her iPad, my daughter-in-law's iPhone, my stepson's iPhone, and they used it all day. She told me it was the best tech gift she got.

    G Sanders

    I really love this piece and have had so many compliments on it! People always ask me where I got WalleyGrip and I'm always happy to tell them.

    I use this daily for my phone and tablet. It's portable and convenient, and it's lasted for 11 months of daily use without any issues.

    The charging speed is incredibly fast and the design looks amazing. The quality is fantastic and definitely worth the price. I highly recommend this PowerPlug!

    I'm really impressed with the inifinaCore Powerbank, it charged up my phone quickly and was able to power it multiple times before needing to be recharged itself. Great value for money. This will definitely be a travelling essential for me from now on.

    S Brooks

    I'm so pleased with WalleyGrip! I love the magneticky feature which is awesome. The stand is sturdier than the pictures imply, which is great. I'm really glad I got it. I'm buzzing!

    Rebecca H

    I'm really happy with my WalleyGrip. It's easy to take off, but it stays put really well.

    This wall charger does it's job. It charges my Macbook Pro, phone, Nikon Z9, and Sony A7R IV all at the same time. I can plug the charger directly into the wall socket or use the provided cable if the space is too small and the wall socket is behind some night table or desk. All in all, this is a great travel charger.

    This is an excellent power bank. It's not too heavy for the huge capacity, and the wireless charging works great and it's very fast. I can charge my iPhone many times with it, and it only takes about an hour to fully charge the power bank.

    Taniah Rogers

    I love WalleyGrip! It's so easy to use and the band is super strong! The wallet is made of a kind of material that doesn't stick to my phone case, but it came with a little sticky plastic surface that you can attach to your phone case so the wallet will stick on there securely.

    This is very handy and I love it. Even if I forget my phone charger, I can set my phone on this product to charge for a little bit. It gives my phone plenty of juice.

    John Klein

    This phone case is great because it fits well and is easy to put together. It can hold up to 3 cards which is really handy, and it's easy to get the cards in and out of the case. I would definitely recommend this case over other similar cases on the market.

    Alexa M

    I got the Walleygrip because I wanted a phone case that could also charge my phone wirelessly. I love that I can take the wallet part off if I want to, and that my cards are secure but still easy to remove when I need them. It's a great case and I'm really happy with it!

    This device has served me well so far - I've only had it for a week but I've used it heavily. I work in the IT field and it kept my work devices perfectly charged without any issues.

    P3: Pandora Portable Power
    Eugene Rodriguez

    You get what you pay for with this P3 Pandora Portable Power. I was able to charge an iPhone 12 Pro Max twice and an iPhone 12 4 times before the battery reached 10%. The best part about the battery is the USB-C charging. The external battery quickly charges up when plugged into USB-C, and the output also quickly charges when plugged into USB-C.

    This is a lifesaver! I use it almost every day to wirelessly charge my phone, and it's so much easier than using a USB brick. It also charges pretty quickly. I took it with me to a friend's party and not only charged my phone with it, but a friend's phone was about to die, so I just let them plug into one of the USB ports. They got enough charge for the rest of the night, and I still had about 65% left after charging both phones. I HIGHLY recommend this product. You just push the button on the side to turn on the screen, and you're ready to go!

    Bobby Watson

    This card holder is perfect for those who are always on the go, like me. I never have to worry about forgetting or losing my cards because I can just keep them with my iPhone 13.

    This charger works great! It's compact and has a plug extension, which makes it perfect for when you can't have the charger hanging off an outlet. I have an LG Gram 17 and other USB chargers only work well when the battery is topped up, but they flake out when I use the computer and charge the battery. This one works great with no issues from the LG. Plus, it lets me use long low-profile 90 degree USB C cables, which fit my computer usage better than the integrated USB cable of many chargers.

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