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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 744 reviews

    I really like this power bank! It's simple to use and the little light shows how much power is left.

    Timothy Baldwin

    I always bring my Walleygrip when I go outside. It's my favorite wallet for everything

    I looked online and around town for a strong thing like this InfinaCore power bank. This was the best thing I've bought since my smartphone! It fits just right in my hand, it feels nice and heavy, and it's made really well.

    Just what I wished for. Fits well in my pocket, has good power, and one of the few that has a faster charging USB-C to USB-C plug.

    Nash Fischer

    The magnet is really strong... and it's built really well.

    I got one of these for myself. But my kids kept using mine, so I had to get them one too. Then my husband thought he should have one as well.

    Super cool charger that actually matches its battery power. Not "tiny," but not too heavy. Really good for hiking or using every day!

    This thing is like a tiny brick, it works really well! I can charge my iPhone 13 from almost empty to completely full, and the battery pack still shows it's charged.

    This power bank is really good. I can charge my iPhone 14 Pro Max and my watch together without any issue. I really like that the USB-C plug works for putting power in and taking it out.

    Keeps lots of charges. Tough, very helpful. Needed if you go camping or hunting and might not have power for a long time. I really suggest it.

    My phone's battery often runs out because I use it a lot. By 3pm, it's almost completely empty. I don't always have a way to plug it in then. But this charger is really, really good! It was also really quick!

    This is exactly what I wanted. For a power bank, this charges really fast!

    Kobe Dorsey

    I really like how WalleyGrip looks and feels. I notice that it's better at holding onto things compared to my old clear case.

    Kashton Durham

    I really like this. It only keeps 3 cards, but I got it more for a stand than a wallet. When I want to leave my bag at home, I only need it to hold 2 or 3 cards. The stand and handle to hold the phone when I'm reading or walking around with it are awesome. It catches people's eye because it's cool.

    I go to different countries a lot. Having an extra battery for charging things is super important for me. I have 2 of these. I think this charger is handy and strong. It keeps power well and lets me connect things easily, even without wires. I would buy it again!

    I just got it. I plugged it in, connected the USB-C to the charger, and the other end to my son's Chromebook, and it works. It doesn't have low-power limited charging, which is good. I didn't expect it to charge fast, but it actually charges surprisingly quickly. So far, it seems like a good investment.

    So happy to finally have a fantastic power bank that's trustworthy. Totally worth the money!

    Had all we needed for our family of five on our big trip across the country. We didn't need any other charger, and this never ran out of power even though we charged 4 things (some more than once)!

    Charging your phone without plugging it in is a neat thing about P4. What I also like is how it charges super fast. The battery is really good! They can charge my phone fully many times.

    Kaiden Keller

    WalleyGrip is made nicely and super simple to use. It's really handy and does what it's supposed to do.

    It keeps going and going and going. I never had to be scared about my phone running out of power when I had this with me.

    It charges things for a long time, so all your gadgets stay on when you're traveling without a plug. You can plug in two things at once. If you're far from power and need to charge your stuff, I suggest getting this.

    I think this is true for many of the wireless chargers, but feeling sure that my phone won't run out of power has made a big positive difference.

    P4 helps me charge my gadgets. I like how strong it is made. The little light shows how much power is left is really handy too, it also tells me when I'm running out of power before I get where I'm going.

    This thing is fancy, strong, charges quickly, small, and tough. I'm buying a couple more just in case. Really good thing.