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    Based on 141 reviews
    everything you need if you are a geek!
    Charged phone (Verified Amazon Review
    Charged phone (Verified Amazon Review
    $50 paperweight. UPDATED (Verified Amazon Review)
    So far so good, but shipping error (Verified Amazon Review)
    Big Battery! Fast Wireless Charging -Woohoo! (Verified Amazon Purchase)
    Awesome all in one charger (Verified Amazon Review)
    I charge all my stuff with this (Verified Amazon Review)
    Great all in one product and super convenient (Verified Amazon Review)
    This is my new best friend! (Verified Amazon Review)
    Great power bank charger
    Surprisingly good
    Replaces all my other power banks
    Liked The First One So Much...I Bought Another
    Liked The First One So Much...I Bought Another
    Almost awesome
    Needs built in cables!
    Great & Portable
    It’s okay