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    Finally, an all-in-one power bank equipped with everything you need.

        • Charge your laptop up to 100W

        • "Break" into 3 pieces to charge your smart phone, headphones, iPad and more

        • Wirelessly charge your phone using Magsafe or our WalleyGrip Mount


    InstaCharge Technology: charges 0%-50% in 4 minutes

    Our patent pending InstaCharge Technology allows Mobile (the 45W section) to be charged from 0%-50% in just 4 minutes. This is possible through an innovative battery-to-battery connection only previously available in industrial batteries. It's been lab tested hundreds of times under stress to ensure consumer safety.

    GaN (Gallium Nitride) II

    Each of our battery cells uses GaN II technology to efficiently transfer energy and reduces heat in the device. Over the past 3 years as GaN charging has made massive strides penetrating the consumer market, there have been rapid improvements to the reliability and safety of graphene charging. Charge with confidence with the latest GaN technology.

    Magnetic Joints

    Each part of the P4 is joined magnetically with magnets that can hold 10 lb of force. This means a sturdy connection between the pieces while making it easy to "break" off one piece from another. Power efficiently travels through each part thanks to P-transfer technology.  

    MagSafe & InfinaCore Mount 

    Wirelessly charge with ease with our innovate mounting system. Our mount allows you to use MagSafe or our patented mount to secure your phone onto the P4 when wirelessly charging to make on-the-go charging truly convenient. No more fussing with the exact location of the phone on the charger to get a charge. Your phone will snap in place for a perfect charge every time.