Charge your Smartphone on-the-go or at home! 

The Ultimate 4-in-1 Portable Wireless Charger

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Free your life from wires.

The P3 is the ultimate all-in-one wireless charging bank that keeps electronics charged at home or on the go.

Pandora Portable Power Charger (P3)



This USB-C Wall Charger [2 USB-port, 1 Type-C Charger] packs in 18W power delivery for a fast, efficient charge of your iPad Pro, iPhone 11/Pro/XS/MAX/XR/X/Pixel, Galaxy, and more. Features a foldable plug and two ports for simultaneous charging.

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Pandora Portable Power Charger (P3)



This USB-C Wall Charger [2 USB-port, 1 Type-C Charger] packs in 18W power delivery for a fast, efficient charge of your iPad Pro, iPhone 11/Pro/XS/MAX/XR/X/Pixel, Galaxy, and more. Features a foldable plug and two ports for simultaneous charging.

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Use It Three Ways:

  • Plugged directly into any wall outlet

  • Connected to your device via your desired charging cable

  • Wirelessly charge your Smartphone at 2x the speed of other wireless chargers

  • Includes wireless charging, a USB 3.0 Fast Charge port, and a USB-C PowerDelivery port. We also include 2 travel adapters for overseas use.

    Freedom From Cables

    Wireless Charging For Your Smartphone

    Unlimited Power

    Plug Into A Wall Or Take It On The Go

    Perfect Travel Companion

    Includes 2 Travel Adapters For Overseas Adventures

    Charge 4 Devices At Once

    USB-C Port, QuickCharge USB 3.0, USB 2.0 Port, and Wireless Charging

    One block, one wire

    I usually bring around at least 3 different types of cables but now I just bring my Macbook Pro charger (usb-c) to charge and when it's charged I use the wireless charging (the battery is full since charging my laptop). The only problem is that it takes about an extra 30 minutes to finish charging my laptop. Other than that I love it!

    Jenny C.

    New York, New York

    Perfect for a frequent traveler!

    I'm always in and out of airports and frequently have to work in hotel lobbies and while waiting for the plane. The Pandora is great because it lets me charge my laptop and phone at the same time! While I'm on the plane the wireless charging makes much less fuss without the cables. Thanks!

    Henry B.

    Miami, Florida

    Perfect for my ride to work :)

    I use the wireless charging on my desk but on the train, I just connect the cable to it. Works great especially on my way home from work. I'm used to always being out of juice but now I always keep an Infinacore in my purse. Works great 👍 

    Lorelai K.

    Budapest, Hungary

    • No extra bulk - Just put it in your pocket or purse and go

    • An LED screen so you know the exact percentage of juice you have left in your P3

    • QR code leads you straight to get your questions answered

    • Global compatibility 

    • Anti-slip rubber padding for safer wireless charging and grip

    • Up to 18W charging speeds - x2 faster than other portable chargers

    • Free up space for devices that have to plugged into the wall

    • LED light indicator lets you know when your device is charging

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 87 reviews
    Daniel Gee
    Love it so far

    This thing is amazing. Such a useful tool. I need to buy more

    Love it! Use it for everything!

    I use this product all the time. Works great and is all I need when I'm on the go. I can now use one power block for everything and it makes my life so much easier!

    Tony Luong

    Excellent product. Very convenient to use.

    Karen Conklin

    It was a gift to granddaughter

    Wyndel Hingpit
    Love the product

    Love the product

    Tom Norman
    Happy Customer

    Product arrived fast and seems to work fine!

    Christopher Flores

    Does the job above and beyond.

    Jesus Ortiz
    everything you need if you are a geek!

    First of all i think they nailed this product with the main features they picked. I had an older anker charger with the wall plugs but only 5000 MA and 2 USB A ports with a micro port as well. That one was a few years before i found this one. The size is very good. The plugs are easy to pull out and don't feel as if they are going to be loose any time soon. While i don't think i will use the other plugs in the box, its good to know they are there if i ever do need them. It has all the ports you could ever need to charge your and your friends stuff at the same time. I have use the wireless pad along with the USB C port without any problems. It does get a little hot but that is to be expected. If anything my only slight gripe is that wen you plug it into a wall outlet it does feel like it might fall off just a bit. Enough to make me wonder but it hasn't yet. How ever if you plug it into a power strip that deals with that. I also like the 8000 MA this gives you enough charge for at least 1 top off of your phone and still leaves enough for your headphones or what not.

    Daphne Wooten
    Charged phone (Verified Amazon Review)

    I can’t seem to never find my charger. I have a big family and we are always looking for chargers. This worked good for what we needed it to work for. Will look into buying more.

    $50 paperweight. UPDATED (Verified Amazon Review)

    UPDATE: Initial review below. First response from Infinacore took several days, but over a couple of weeks and numerous back and forth emails with the Founder of Infinacore, I was sent a replacement device. This one seems to work! He asked for me to ship it back so they can see what went wrong. I ultimately was able to get the initial one to charge, but only by charging it with a USB cable. The first one still wouldn't charge the battery when plugged in to the wall. It's more than disappointing to have a device that didn't work out of the box. Would have given the working unit I received 5 stars, 1 star for the original review. 3 stars would be the average, but the frustration should remove at least half a star at least. Regardless, they finally did get me a working unit.

    Definitely excited to get my new Infinacore today.
    Press the power button.

    Plug in the charger and plug in a cable

    Press the power button when plugged into the wall

    Plug in the charger attach a cable to my phone, THEN plug it in to the charger...
    -Eureka! It turns on. Says battery is charged to zero.
    -and doesn't charge my phone

    Leave the charger plugged in for 2 hours, in a confirmed working GFCI outlet with a dedicated, lit LED signifying the outlet is live, press the power switch...

    Plug in the cable while still plugged into the outlet...
    -Until I am finally able to plug and unplug a cable to my phone to get the charger to light up, say the battery IS STILL CHARGED TO ZERO AND STILL WON'T CHARGE MY PHONE

    Move the cable to my old charger
    -Phone charges no problem

    Wrote to Infinacore, haven't heard back.






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