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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 190 reviews
    Van C

    The ability to charge my phone and the battery pack would be the best feature of this P3 power bank. The use of USB-C makes it easy for me to share the same cable with both devices. I also find it useful how it shows me how much capacity is left in the external battery depending on how much the juice is flowing. And it's made rather fast charging!

    L Sullivan

    With this power bank, I'm getting the Fast Charging icon on my phone screen which is letting me know the device recognized its ability to quick-charge the selected battery.

    Orville Hicks

    Great for traveling, power outages, portability. I have one at my bedside and in my car & carryon/ backpack that I can reach for when I need to use my phone the most! It's very portable; it will keep a charge for months at a time. It charges everything quickly and it takes a good 12-24 hours to fully charge

    S Barber

    Purchased as a gift for myself but just now getting around to testing… Kept both my iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPod Pros charged during a five day hospital stay… So glad that I purchased InfinaCore Powerbank!

    Benny D

    A finely crafted power bank. It is compact and sleek with the ability to slip easily into your pocket or purse without worrying about cracking or breaking it! It’s display readout is clear and straightforward, not a lot of extra flourish that distracts from the kind of thing you really need in a situation where you're trying to charge your power-hungry devices! The fast charging capability of this circuit breaker meets all of our needs perfectly here at the office, which can get pretty stressful during crunch time sometimes. We keep one at each desk!

    Edward Watts

    This device can be a big help in those situations when you don't have time to charge your phone. Many times I would wait until I got home from school or work just to use the USB charger I had. With this device it only takes about 3 hours for it to charge, and you can pretty much flip on the switch and it will slowly begin to charge as you sleep or work on other things! Or if you forget to charge your charger, which has happened many times to me, this P3 would be ideal to have on hand because of how long it stays on for. It's an item that is conveniently small so taking with you places is easy, a little heavy though.

    Gustavo P

    This is an amazing travel charger. It's small and compact, weighing virtually nothing compared to other chargers I have purchased in the past. It has a USB-C option that works amazingly well for my new laptop, but also has a USB slot that allows me to charge multiple devices at once . Best of all it can charge two devices simultaneously or just one depending on which port you plug into! As long as you ensure there are no frayed cables or charging blocks you will love this power bank.

    E Marshall

    This is a great idea and a near-great implementation of wireless charging. This device from can charge iPhone 12 multiple times on one charge of the power bank. It has 3 plugs so it can work with pretty much any type of cell phone charger out there.

    Greg Robinson

    The 5 ports charging station I used to use always came in handy when traveling because it allowed me to plug in all of my devices at once and charge them simultaneously. But now, using this 3 port USB P3 travel power bank, I only need this one device in order to still be able to manage all of my devices without any hassle. With its portable design, amazing design, and excellent compatibility with most devices including Apple products, it has everything I need for a great travel companion and is sure to turn out as an important asset!

    R Olson

    My friend's power bank broke, so he borrowed mine. He loved InfinaCore power bank so much that I ended up getting him his own. As an international traveler, it’s the most convenient travel accessory to have and it looks cool too!