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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Steve R

    It's great for its size. I use it to charge my Lenovo Yoga and Samsung Galaxy Note and it does a superb job. Being so small, it is very convenient for traveling. The foldable AC blades are a great touch that reduces the size even further. For the price, this is an excellent deal and I highly recommend it.

    Craig Roberts

    This power plug is amazing! It's small and compact, it charges everything you could possibly need. I highly recommend it.

    Michelle Gonzales

    I purchased this charger to help reduce the amount of weight I have to carry when I travel. So far, it's been working great. I can use it to fast charge both my LG Gram 17 laptop and my iPhone with a single USB-C cable and a lightning cable. I don't need to carry a separate laptop adapter and iPhone adapter anymore, which is really handy. The adapter is slim and has a upright design, so it doesn't take up too much space in outlet sockets. If your laptop has USB-C PD (Power Delivery) function, this charger can be a great replacement for your original AC adapter.

    K Patterson

    The charging speed is incredibly fast and the design looks amazing. The quality is fantastic and definitely worth the price. I highly recommend this PowerPlug!

    Anthony Gray

    This device has served me well so far - I've only had it for a week but I've used it heavily. I work in the IT field and it kept my work devices perfectly charged without any issues.

    Gerald M

    This product is amazing and so useful! It charges my phone and Nintendo Switch so quickly. I also like that it doesn't take up more than one plug socket - so many chargers are sized in a way that makes it difficult to plug other things in at the same time. I don't know why I have so many things that need charging, but I'm glad I can do it all at once with this handy charger.

    Preston B

    This power plug is way smaller than I expected and I'm really happy about that because it means I don't have to play Tetris with my surge protector anymore. It's also really lightweight and perfect for travel usage. I like that the item description is upfront about this device's power capabilities so I don't have to guess.

    Mark Russell

    I've officially upgraded from Apple chargers to this InfinaCore PowerPlug. Not only do this charges my phone unbelievably fast, but it's also really sturdy with two thunderbolt ports and over a 60-watt power base. This charges my phone from dead to full battery in probably 30 minutes.

    This is just so much better than the iPhone chargers typically seen. It's crazy small for so much power and the skinny look makes it fit in right areas no problem. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

    R Curry

    I use this charger to charge my iPhone and iPad, and I compared the charging time to a regular charger. I found that this charger charges 20-30% faster, which is great! The size is not too big and it's light weight, so I'm really happy with it. I would give it a five stars review.

    Raul Nash

    This charger is perfect for anyone on the go who needs a quick and reliable way to charge their devices. I was hoping it would improve the charging speed for my devices and it definitely did not disappoint. My wife's phone went from 19% to 100% in just 50 minutes using the faster Type-1 port, and the Microsoft Surface Go and my phone both charged from 10% to 100% using both Type-C ports in just minutes! This charger is small and easy to carry in your pocket, making it perfect for anyone who needs a quick and easy way to charge their devices while on the go. Overall an amazing product. I would definitely buy again.