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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Ezequiel Hammond

    I just got it. I plugged it in, connected the USB-C to the charger, and the other end to my son's Chromebook, and it works. It doesn't have low-power limited charging, which is good. I didn't expect it to charge fast, but it actually charges surprisingly quickly. So far, it seems like a good investment.

    Eleanor Storms

    I love this little charger, it has been extremely reliable and it charges my devices super fast. Before writing this review I was going to take benchmarks and do a compare to my other chargers. I really don’t have time to do all of that these days. I can tell you it works well,I use it to charge my iPad, iphone, and MacBook. I love having one charger for all of my devices. My main use is for my iPad and MacBook, I honestly can’t be happier. It’s super small and convenient.

    Paulette Corbin

    I love the compact size of this charger and multiple ports of usb C And A. Not heavy and it’s able to deliver 65 watts. Just what I need for travel. A huge space saver.

    Gina Jackson

    I needed a 65W charging adapter and this does that. Even when all ports are being used, the top USB-C port constantly delivers up to 65W. It’s been charging my devices very well.

    I love the design of this thing. It’s very compact so it’d be perfect for traveling.

    Price is just where it should be. I’d definitely buy it again.

    Franklin Schill

    I bought this for charging a high-capacity battery and so far it seems to do the job well. It delivers 65W as promised and the price is right. It is a fairly large brick compared to the smaller ones most people are used to, but it's also quite powerful. For the price, I would recommend it

    Steve R

    It's great for its size. I use it to charge my Lenovo Yoga and Samsung Galaxy Note and it does a superb job. Being so small, it is very convenient for traveling. The foldable AC blades are a great touch that reduces the size even further. For the price, this is an excellent deal and I highly recommend it.

    Craig Roberts

    This power plug is amazing! It's small and compact, it charges everything you could possibly need. I highly recommend it.

    Michelle Gonzales

    I purchased this charger to help reduce the amount of weight I have to carry when I travel. So far, it's been working great. I can use it to fast charge both my LG Gram 17 laptop and my iPhone with a single USB-C cable and a lightning cable. I don't need to carry a separate laptop adapter and iPhone adapter anymore, which is really handy. The adapter is slim and has a upright design, so it doesn't take up too much space in outlet sockets. If your laptop has USB-C PD (Power Delivery) function, this charger can be a great replacement for your original AC adapter.

    K Patterson

    The charging speed is incredibly fast and the design looks amazing. The quality is fantastic and definitely worth the price. I highly recommend this PowerPlug!

    Anthony Gray

    This device has served me well so far - I've only had it for a week but I've used it heavily. I work in the IT field and it kept my work devices perfectly charged without any issues.

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