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April 19, 2023

InfinaCrew comes back to CES 2023 in a BIG WAY

The Consumer Electronics Show happened again this year and there were over 100,000 visitors from all over the globe. We were fortunate to partake in our second exhibition with a 10' x 10' booth in the "ACCESSORIES" section in Hall G of the Venetian. 

InfinaCore at CES 2023

We brought out the heavy hitters with our TWO product launches of 2022: 

  • P4 System (Raised over $186,000 from April-October 2022 via Crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and IndieGogo) 
  • WalleyGrip2 (Partnering with Popl Digital Business Cards to integrate NFC chips into our second generation product)

Attendees had the chance to CUT THEIR WALLET on site in exchange for a FREE WalleyGrip2. Check the video, you'll see the trail of wallets in the graveyard that WG2 left in its wake.


Here's a video highlighting our experience at the event:


In 2022, our CES escapades brought us a partnership with your very own, Popl NFC Digital Business Cards (which made WalleyGrip2 the hit that it is today).

So, what did CES 2023 bring? The first thing to highlight is the preparation. For 2022, we just up and went and being that it was our first time, Wilson and I had zero gauge for what to expect. This year, we upped our team by adding Cory and also hired a Brand Ambassador, Brittany.

showcase p4 infinacore


We are due for success...right? Not quite. Without proper planning, the show would have suffered dire consequences. Even after (what feels like) thorough preparation, certain details like preparation timetables and printing of our posters and banners went opposite of what you would call "gravy".

The #1 thing we did to set ourselves up for success was that we bought the handheld badge scanner ($650 price tag). It allowed us to scan 600 leads and push them into our CRM process after the show. We'll get into the follow up portion in a bit.

The next biggest tool we used to help us get the most out of our booth was Google Spreadsheets. We had our 4-day schedule planned out including lunch and break times, wandering around times and different shifts for our four personnel on site. This also kept us waking up/arriving in a timely manner.

The third-most helpful tool was the interactive games we had set up for free InfinaCore products. Shouting "Hey, you want a free WalleyGrip?" helped turn uninterested passersby's into genuinely fun conversations. 

Here's a list of other things that helped give InfinaCore the biggest opportunity for success:

-We had a PR campaign set up and scheduled media personnel to visit our booth. This has given us some good coverage so far (Google us!)

-Setting up a clear budget of how much we're willing to give away as free swag and how much to spend while we're in Vegas helped us stick to a number. We splurged on a dinner and buffet and still kept it within a nice range.

-Having someone to talk to on the outside (not at the event) was helpful for me personally. The first half of the first day was a SHOCK to my system and during my lunch break I called our InfinaCrew Brittany (not Brand Ambassador Brittany) to do a quick debrief. After the call, I was back to running the show again!

-Throwing up a smile and speaking to everyone candidly helped open up conversations with other Exhibitors that had competing products and even a line or two about what Amazon Alexa has in the pipelines before the year end. 


We had 3 goals and we achieved them:

  • Scan as many badges as possible (and have productive conversations)
  • Cut 5 wallets a day (partially surprised we hit this goal)
  • Follow up and turn our leads into business opportunities

I'm noticing that as an Exhibitor, the goals are always the same and that you will obtain a certain amount of success. It's maximizing that success that is quantifiable and most importantly...THE FOLLOW UP!

Wilson and I did a great job following up and putting together a funnel for our highest target leads. It went:

A) 3-step email campaign. If we get a reply at any point, we take over manual drive.

B) Phone calls for those who we must speak with, but haven't answered for any reason

C) Following up again and continuing dialogue (people are busiest after CES and the only way to stand out is to continue to speak)


Was it worth it?

You'll have to ask Wilson and Cory, but I would say a resounding "Hell Yeah!". Anytime that I could spend building teamwork and learning with my team is worth a time commitment and a financial commitment. Besides the soulful part of it, the leads we captured were exponentially higher than at CES 2022. The amount of people who absolutely went crazy over the P4 was very heartwarming (I was there to sell WalleyGrip2 mostly) and we got valuable feedback from knowledgeable sources that have been around the block once or twice to 20 to 25 times. Priceless conversations. 


spot the walleygrip

What we're looking forward to in 2023 and beyond:

  1. Distribution in the UAE
  2. Distribution into brick and mortar
  3. Expansion into Canada, UK, Germany
  4. WalleyGrip2 improvements (almost completed)
  5. P4 System second round of marketing efforts

We're a small business and an up and coming brand, bootstrapped in every sense of the word. This means that our goals and metrics are evolving over time (for the better mostly). Our sights have changed for the better due to our CES 2023 experience and we've already booked CES 2024.

Hope to see you there and to update you with more grand announcements and developments in the future!


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