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April 20, 2022

9 Reasons Why You Need A WalleyGrip

Your phone and wallet are on you all the time, why not combine them? With quarantine restrictions lifting, beaches, gyms and your favorite hiking trails are coming back to our daily routines. The WalleyGrip makes doing your everyday activities easier and worry-free. Leaving my wallet at home so I can go out and not worry about losing it changed my lifestyle 10x for better. Here's 9 reasons you need a WalleyGrip and will never go back once you used it. (Check the WalleyGrip out here.)


1. NO MORE Annoying Bulk Of a Wallet

Ever go to the gym or beach and hate having that massive bulk in your pocket preventing you from comfortably moving? You want to put your wallet down but you're afraid it'll get stolen. Fear no more. The WalleyGrip is securely attached to your phone with our InfinaCore Mount which acts as a locking mechanism so that your WalleyGrip is securely attached to your phone at all times.


2. Never Have Your WalleyGrip Stolen

Most likely you'll be keeping an ID and a bank card in your WalleyGrip and want to make sure it stays safe. The WalleyGrip will keep you covered. It will only come off when you firmly twist it 90 degrees making someone stealing it almost impossible when it's attached to your phone. So long as you keep your phone safe, your WalleyGrip will be safe.



3. Wirelessly Charge Easily. FINALLY.

One of my biggest pet peeves of phone accessories is the bulkiness that doesn't let you wirelessly charge easily (*cough cough Popsocket*). The WalleyGrip cures that with an ultra-thin mount that allows wireless charging after you twisted off your WalleyGrip.



4. Mount Phone In Car Easily

Another pet peeve of mine is a phone case preventing you from mounting your phone onto car. Never again.

5. Fits Up To Three Cards & One House Key

Enough said. Chances are you don't use 95% of whatever's in your wallet anyways. Keep your essentials and ditch the clutter.

6. Integrated Ecosystem

Our WalleyGrip is made to work with our current and future products. Easily wirelessly charge on the P3 and wait to see the awesome wireless integration features of the InfinaCore Mount and the P4! Coming this year ;).



7. Perfect For the Gym Or Bar

Complete game-changer when you notice the convenience of not having a bulky wallet.

  • Get your lifts in comfortably without having to empty out your pockets in the locker or on the floor.
  • Go to the bar without having to worry about losing your wallet or purse while still having the only two things you need, your ID and card (also will fit a few bills of cash too).



8. Ditch Your Popsocket

The WalleyGrip gives you a comfortable finger strap to easily hold up your phone in any position while also acting as a kickstand so you can watch videos easily. No more bulky permanence of Popsocket!



9. Join The Movement

So far WalleyGrip has had a slow start because it's (understandably) a bit difficult to grasp how it works when explaining online. However, every person we've showed this product to has given us overwhelming feedback that the WalleyGrip is downright AMAZING. It makes their life more convenient and clutter free. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Our warranty means that you can try it out risk free.



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