Third Time’s a Charm! InfinaCore back-to-back-to-back (CES 2024)
February 27, 2024

Third Time’s a Charm! InfinaCore back-to-back-to-back (CES 2024)

Each year, we learn a little bit about ourselves individually and collectively as a brand. Last year, we learned that CES show in Las Vegas requires major prep work and that’s what we proceeded to do. It wasn’t even the end of Q2 when we started planning and prepping for CES’24 (January 9th, 2024). I must say, the execution and progress that we’ve made since 2021 has me reflecting on the times that Wilson and I walked into Eureka Park with just 2 backpacks and a luggage to 2024 where we are building an ensemble for attendees to peruse through.

An orchestra works in a way where each of the individual instruments adds a piece into creating a collective sound. Well, our orchestra doesn’t consist of 50 people, it’s barely enough to start a party. Still, we collectively were able to make great sound and successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign (ended with $271,083 funded) concurrently with Day 1 of CES.

The support throughout was reverberating throughout the booth and the 4 days in Vegas. What I personally learned during this trip is that our mission is not unique – there are many hungry brands ready to capture this wireless charging wave (Duracell being one of them). In some respects, it’s validating to know that our goal from the start is catching much momentum, but on the other side of the coin, we’re riding a wave versus creating one.



For InfinaCore, 2024 is a year of rapid inclining growth and our Kickstarter is a key indicator of that. We’ll be a larger orchestra in no time and our goals remain the same: to create the most effective travel luxury products that you can use without wires. With the Qi2 Standard being at the heart of our compass, we’re on a solid path forward to wireless charging being the dominant choice of device charging!


Victor from InfinaCore®


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