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January 08, 2024

Revolutionizing Wireless Charging: InfinaCore's P3 Pro with Qi2 Technology

Welcome to the Future of Charging

At InfinaCore, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of wireless charging technology. As we step into a new era of convenience and efficiency, we're excited to introduce the P3 Pro – our latest innovation set to redefine your charging experience.

The Power of Qi2 Technology

The Qi standard has been the backbone of wireless charging for a while, offering a range of 5W to 15W power outputs. However, as technology evolves, so do our needs for faster and more efficient charging solutions. This is where Qi2 comes in – the next generation of wireless charging technology.

Qi2, also known as Qi version 2.0, is a game-changer in wireless charging. Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, it enhances charging efficiency through magnetic alignment. This technology not only speeds up the charging process but also ensures your device is perfectly aligned for optimal energy transfer.

P3 Pro: Ultimate Efficiency Meets Elegant Design

InfinaCore’s P3 Pro is at the forefront of this revolution. Harnessing the power of Qi2, it offers significant advancements over traditional wireless chargers:

  1. Faster Charging: With Qi2’s capability of up to 15 watts of power output, the P3 Pro charges your devices quicker than ever before.
  2. Spec Deck LCD Screen: A unique feature of the P3 Pro is its Spec Deck LCD screen. This innovative addition allows you to monitor important charging data, such as time to full charge, wattage output, and temperature, ensuring your devices are charging efficiently and safely.
  3. Charge Your Laptop: Breaking the norms, the P3 Pro isn’t just for your smartphones or wearables. It’s powerful enough to charge your laptop, making it a versatile charging station for all your devices.

Sustainable and Safe

Wireless chargers, particularly those using Qi2 technology like our P3 Pro, are not only efficient but also sustainable. They reduce the wear and tear associated with traditional charging cords, minimizing waste. Moreover, Qi2’s enhanced safety features, including foreign object detection, ensure a safe charging experience.

Preorder and Availability

We know you’re eager to experience the future of wireless charging, and we’re just as excited to bring it to you. You can preorder the P3 Pro on January 9th, 2024. Get ready to experience the cutting-edge of wireless charging as the P3 Pro ships out in the summer of 2024. Click here to preorder on Indiegogo.

Stay ahead of the curve with InfinaCore’s P3 Pro – where innovation meets efficiency. Join us in embracing the future of wireless charging!


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