InfinaCore takes on CES 2022
January 20, 2022

InfinaCore takes on CES 2022

It’s Victor here chiming in on our second blog post (check out our first one HERE). The plan is to keep you updated on our journey from a small business to a growing, thriving one. As we continue to explore and learn through our experience, we hope to be able to inspire you to ask questions and start a dialogue with us and others like yourselves.

On January 5th 2022, we occupied a booth at CES 2022, which is hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. This would be the first time I have personally played the ‘other side’ of a trade show and what better way to kick off this experience but the biggest tradeshow of the year! (Learn more about CES here:

Since CES, we’ve been able to speak with many companies about collaboration (Popl), distribution (Perks at work), and pivot (prototype changes and WalleyGrip upgrades).

Our goal was to bring value to those who were attending, while also making worthwhile connections to make the biggest impact during our Kickstarter Launch of P4.

 Pre-CES prep

Preparation started three months in advance. We consulted our agency, and brainstormed as a team on the best way to show up to this event. First time, so what to bring?

  • How about…a charging station! We constructed a free P3 rental booth.
  • We also provided plenty of business cards with QR codes linking to P4 landing page, which was super beneficial.
  • Good walking shoes! 

The event in real time

What we learned about the CES experience

  • Networking is the ultimate goal at CES. We engaged in conversation with individuals who had experience with Kickstarter, which has paid off!
  • Scouting other booths is an experience in itself. Take some time out of your schedule to check out the exhibit. 
  • Connecting with tech blogs and press in person is definitely worthwhile.
  • Providing wireless chargers to those attending was a huge highlight for us. We were honored to provide value and convenience to those who attended the event.
  • We were excited to meet customers who had already purchased our chargers pre-event, which was very encouraging to a small business like ourselves. 
  • We also got to meet our team (Enventys) in person, which was fun!


What we did after the event, as well as what we have learned.

  • We followed up with businesses + distributors for future partnerships - I learned that there are several “must-dos” when trying to gain traction as an unknown brand…and having a voice at networking events is definitely one of them. 
  • We’ll aim to be back next year and attend other tradeshows, as this is huge for exposure.
  • CES helped build out our e-mail list, which is important for any business.
  • Face to face interaction and conversation with people is so important
  • We learned about what’s trending in the electronic industry


CES 2022 was a success for InfinaCore, and I’m excited to see the fruits of it in the coming months. Our Kickstarter has officially launched, and we could not be more excited! You can learn more about the P4 HERE!

Check out the YouTube video I created on the experience back in January (note - we made this video before our Kickstarter launched).




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